MYMAX targets its investments in growth companies who are planning on expanding and developing the business preparing it for sale within a 1 – 5 year time frame. Growth companies frequently need additional cash for product and/or market development. For the company founders, raising cash by selling equity in their company may be a better option than increased borrowings or mortgaging the family home. MYMAX will consider any size of investment from $250,000 to $10,000,000. Investments are selected on the basis of management strength, market potential, funding requirements and time frames. MYMAX will take a minority or majority equity stake in companies. The actual percentage will depend on the amount of cash invested, the agreed company valuation and founders preference. MYMAX is a ‘value add’ investor providing cash, advice and contacts. MYMAX has practical experience in growing and selling growth companies. In addition to taking a board role, we work actively with company management on strategy and execution right through to exit.