100% Sale 2019
Advisor  2017 – 2018

Roza’s Gourmet is an award-winning proudly Australian owned business that lovingly creates an extensive range of gourmet sauces, dips, soups, bone broth and crackers. Founded in 1991 by the mother of owner Jasmine Robertson, Roza’s is a family run business steeped in history.

as lead consultant

  • worked directly with founder
  • assisted with understanding the space
  • assisted with developing the shape - model
  • improve accounting standards & reporting
  • developed 3 year growth plan
  • year one achieved growth 50%

100% sale Sept 2018

  • sold to public company
  • 1 year into the 3 year growth plan
  • built IM & data room
  • managed transaction negotiation and process
  • achieved over 10x EBITDA

Majority Sale - Summit Partners
Advisor  2015, 2017 – 2018

Princess Polly is Australia's best online fashion boutique. Through the use of influencers on YouTube and Instagram they are able to stay on top of what’s hot and not in the fashion world. Also being an early adopter of Afterpay service and through their fast and precise shipping services they are able to get to get their product to customers as soon as they want it.

embedded consultant

  • worked directly with founders & management
  • assisted with understanding the space
  • assisted with developing the shape - model
  • assisted with hiring key team members
  • improve accounting standards & reporting
  • implemented deep analytic BI
  • assisted with positioning & preparation
  • assist due diligence and data room build

majority sale to major USA Private Equity firm

  • achieved over 10x EBITDA valuation


Advisor  2014 & 2016 - 2017

Sequel Drill and Blast is one of Australia's leading providers of professional drilling and blasting services to the quarry, mining and construction industries.

Acquisition 2014

  • Lead the acquisition negotiation & process
  • Seller was Australian Private Equity firm
  • Acquisition double business size
  • Enable business to controlled east coast Aust.
  • Assisted with integration and team build

Sold to Chinese Public Company 2017

  • Purchaser - 1 billion listed group
  • Founders retained 20%
  • Achieved 10x EBITDA valuation
    (Changed name to Impact Drill & Blast)

IPO June 2011
Advisor & Investor 2009 – 2011

onthehouse’s has become the leading online real estate content provider in Australia through the advanced collection, analysis, curation, distribution andmonetisation of real estate content to real estate agents, consumers and complimentary industries.

Startup to IPO

  • Worked directly with founder
  • Direct seed investment $1m from 2009
  • Assisted with raising a further $2.5m per float
  • Assisted with the IPO process
  • Floated for $81m in June 2011
  • Exit Investment over 2012 - 2014

Minority sale to Private Equity 2010
Advisor 2008-2011

Australia’s leading women’s active wear designer / retailer with over 100 stores across all Australian states and is currently expanding into the USA and South Africa.

  • Sales growth 60+%pa
  • Profit growth 100% pa
  • “staged” business for sale
  • Guided minority sale to Private Equity 2010
  • Store growth from 42 to 100
  • Began international plans
  • BRW Retailer of the Year 2011

Lead $100 MBO - 2004
CFO then CEO – 1989 - 2007

Australia’s leading discount sporting goods retailer.


  • Sales growth from $10m to $100m
  • Profit compound growth of 25%pa


  • Lead a $100m MBO with Private Equity
  • Grow sales from $100m to $230
  • acquisitions major competitors
  • exit investment - 2007
    (now part of the Publicly Listed “Super Retail Group”)