MYMAX consults in two areas:

Accelerated Growth Strategies

Working directly with boards and CEO’s MYMAX focuses on building an effective business model based firstly on the brand, product or service position and secondly on the current market space the business operates within. By understanding “the brand” and “the space” we can determine the best business model that will deliver exceptional results. Then by imbedding ourselves within the business, MYMAX is able to work closely with senior management in reviewing current business position, build the new model and then assist in redefining the strategies and initiative needed to deliver accelerated growth.

Exit Strategies

How to exit has been widely identified as the most critical and yet most neglected issue facing private companies today. MYMAX works directly with boards and/or shareholders to develop an exit plan that will maximise sale value. Whether an IPO, MBO, MBI or trade sale, MYMAX has the expertise and contacts to assist and direct with any exit. From reviewing the business, developing and growing the business then preparing the business for sale, MYMAX will ensure maximum sale value.